ItalianWay: Italian tastes,
from table to pet bowl

ItalianWay is the new range of dry pet foods with that extra something: the unmistakable taste of Mediterranean tradition. Giuntini incorporates the value of this cuisine into the diets of cats and dogs, thanks to ItalianWay: the Italian response to the growing needs, selection and food safety of our pets.
In this way, we take care of them in the same way we would of ourselves


The ‘La Vita’ recipe:
our research, their wellbeing.

The concept for ‘La Vita’ Recipe, and the exclusive formulations for ItalianWay, have evolved from careful collaboration between Giuntini and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universiry of Perugia.
These recipes are unique because the ingredients create the optimum balance between the unequivocal taste of Italian cuisine and the proven benefits for the body.

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