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Soft & Natural

Natural vegetal based cat litter


Giuntini has created Italian Way Soft&Natural cat litter, inspired by the natural characteristics of wood, mais, zeolite, lemon, and carefully selected spices and essential oils. Italian Way Soft&Natural is a safe and ecological cat litter, which is easily disposed of and helps promote a clean and fragrant home environment. The lignocellulose and starch rapidly absorb liquid, evenly and hygienically, before unpleasant odours can develop.

Zeolite is a natural stone with a crystalline structure which can trap and filter liquids, capture heavy metals and help maintain a dry and soft product. The selected spices (cinnamon, cloves), aromatic leaves (mint, bay leaves), rosemary oil and citric acid from lemons, have sanitising and parasite repellent properties, and provide a pleasant and natural fragrance.

How to use and dispose of Italian Way Soft&Natural cat litter?
  • Pour the full contents of the bag into a cat litter tray.
  • Remove any agglomerated litter daily using a litter scoop and dispose of down the toilet, or in the compost or refuse*. Refill the removed part with new fresh litter, if needed.
  • Change the litter completely at least once every two months, replacing with another bag of Italian Way Soft & Natural**.
    If more than one cat is using the litter tray, the litter should be changed more frequently.
    Keep out of the reach of children.

* following municipal/local regulations.
** when disposing of the full contents of the litter tray do not dispose of down the toilet.


Available in the following formats: 2.5 kg