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Pork and turmeric


Italian Way Biscuits is a grain free and no added sugars food, with hydrolyzed pork proteins.
Like the other products of the Italian Way line, it is integrated with the “Recipe of Life”.

Potato (flake 15% , starch 15%), Peas (micronized with infrared treatment 20%), dried yeasts, hydrolized proteins (Pork 5%), animal fat, turmeric (0,3%), olive oil (2 g/kg), dried tomatoes (1 g/kg), dried garlic (0,5 g/kg), rosemary oil (10 mg/kg), oregano oil (5 mg/kg).

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 20,0%; Crude fats: 12,0%; Crude fibre: 3,5%; Crude ash: 3,5%

ItalianWay Biscuits can be given at any time during the day. Always allow access to fresh clean water.

Recommended daily rate according to the size of the dog:
Toy (3-9 kg): up to 3 biscuits
Small (9-18 kg): up to 5 biscuits

Medium (18-30 kg): up to 10 biscuits

Large (30-45 kg): up to 15 biscuits

Available in the following format: 200g