Mediterranean tastes, unique ingredients.

The concept for ‘La Vita’ Recipe, and the exclusive formulations for ItalianWay, have evolved from careful collaboration between Giuntini and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universiry of Perugia.
These recipes are unique because the ingredients create the optimum balance between the unequivocal taste of Italian cuisine and the proven benefits for the body.

Formulated with no added
artificial colourants

Designed specifically for
variations in breed, age and lifestyle

Created to reduce the risk of intolernances


At the root of the research:
the collaboration with the Department
of Veterinary Medicine,
University of Perugia.

All the benefits of natural ingredients.

At the heart of ‘La Vita’ recipe is a combination of plant components: tomato extract, olive oil, rosemary oil, essential oil of oregano and dried garlic. This carefully balanced blend of vegetables and herbs, amongst the most typical and recommended ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, combine taste and palatability with additional protection against external risk factors that could compromise health.

For example, parasites: it has long been demonstrated that garlic and its extracts act as anthelmintics against ticks and mosquitoes, the latter responsible for heartworm disease and subcutaneous worms in dogs. Furthermore, administering garlic extracts orally helps stimulate their natural repellent activity: the fatty acids assist in the subcutaneous transportation, giving the skin of the dog or cat a distinctive aroma that only the insects are able to perceive.

Other factors not to be underestimated include the lycopene within tomato, a carotenoid that helps fight free radicals; the olive oil, which is an excellent supply of unsaturated fatty acids, or “good” fats, that stimulate correct metabolic activity; rosemary oil, which with its well-known antioxidant properties helps promote digestive activity; and the essential oil of oregano, which is a proven antimicrobial. These components, in addition to the anti-parasite benefits, help contribute to achieving the optimal well-being of our four-legged friends.