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Trout and blueberries


Ideal Weight

Adult | Medium

Italian Way Hypoallergenic – Ideal Weight Trout and blueberries is a complete food formulated without cereals to meet the requirements of medium breed adult dogs. Ideal Weight has been developed to help maintain your dog’s optimal weight. The protein fraction of animal origin derived from fish is over 95%, with a substantial contribution from trout, a freshwater fish that is highly digestible and low in fat. Ideal Weight is enriched with blueberries and rosemary oil, which supply natural antioxidants and help promote digestion. The grain free formulation, along with the hydroylsed protein from fish, make this food particularly suitable for dogs that are susceptible to allergies.

Fish min. 33% (Dehydrated trout min.20%, Fresh trout min.7%, Hydrolysed proteins min.6%), Potato starch (min.15%), Peas, Whole soybean seed, Animal fat, Hydrolysed animal proteins, Dehydrated alfalfa, Whole flaxseed, Pure concentrated crude fibre (from natural lignocellulose), Decorticated soybean flour, Blueberry (min.1%), Brewer’s yeast, Dicalcium phosphate, Sodium chloride, Olive oil (2g/kg), Dehydrated tomato (1g/kg), Dried garlic (0.5g/kg), Rosemary oil (10mg/kg), Oregano oil (5mg/kg.

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 27,0%; Crude fat: 16,0%; Crude fibres: 3,0%; Crude ash: 7,0%; Calcium: 1,4%; Phosphorus: 1,0%; Sodium: 0,4%; Fatty acids: (Omega 3: min. 1,0% – Omega 6: min. 4,5%).

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A: 20.000 U.I./kg; Vitamin D3: 1.100 U.I./kg; Vitamin E: 200 mg/kg; Vitamin C: 150 mg/kg; Vitamin B1: 7 mg/kg; Vitamin B2: 6 mg/kg; Vitamin B6: 4,5 mg/kg; Vitamin B12: 0,1 mg/kg; Biotin: 0,15 mg/kg; Niacin: 29 mg/kg; Calcium-D-Pantothenate: 6 mg/kg; Folic acid: 1 mg/kg; 3b201 Iodio: 0,8 mg/kg; 3b606 Zinc: 20 mg/kg; 3b8.10 Organic form of selenium produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060: 0,1 mg/kg.

Daily feeding rate
Divided into two meals.
Always provide access to fresh, clean water.

Recommended daily feeding rate in grammes:
Medium (18-30 kg): 280 g – 400 g
Medium Large (30-45 kg): 400 g – 480 g

Available in the following formats: 3 kg e 12 kg