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Apple and blueberries


Italian Way Biscuits is an apple and blueberry-flavored snack. Like the other products of the Italian Way line, it is integrated with the “Recipe of Life”.

Whole wheat flour (min. 50%), glucose syrup, Animal fat, blueberry juice (1%), dehydrated apple (1%), olive oil (2 g/kg), dried tomatoes (1 g/kg), dried garlic (0,5 g/kg), rosemary oil (10 mg/kg), oregano oil (5 mg/kg).

Analytical components:
Crude protein: 11,0%; Crude fats: 7,5%; Crude fibre: 2%; Crude ash: 1,5%.

ItalianWay Biscuits can be given at any time during the day. Always allow access to fresh clean water.

Small (9-18 kg): up to 5 biscuits

Medium (18-30 kg): up to 10 biscuits

Large (30-45 kg): up to 15 biscuits

Available in the following format: 400g.